Most Improved Students

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The Alamogordo Kiwanis Club is recognizes the Most Improved Student of the Month. The most improved student is chosen by the school’s faculty. The criteria for each school selection is based on attitude, behavior, school involvement and grades.

December 2018 Kiwanis Most Improved Students

December 2018 Most Improved Students

Left to Right:

Principal Moises Cardiel, Shy Logan, Italia Lugo, and Kiwanis Ned Kline;  not available for this picture was Alyssa Gunn.

November 2018 Kiwanis Most Improved Students

November 2018 Most Improved Students

 Left to Right


Principal Moises Cardiel, Artontis Outlaw,  Kylie Thomas,  Isaiah Telles-Concepcion, and Ned Kline (Kiwanis)